3 Vehicle Safety Features to Look for

3 Vehicle Safety Features to Look for

1.    Airbags: Most cars have airbags equipped with a driver’s side airbag. You should also be looking for additional airbags to help protect you and your passengers in case of a collision. Driver and passenger airbags will typically deploy in an accident that comes from the front of your vehicle.

2.    Forward Collision Warning and Braking: While airbags and seat belts are the minimum when it comes to safety standards in cars, a forward-collision warning is a system that detects objects in front of your vehicle that you are approaching too quickly. These systems will either sound an alarm to help alert the driver to braking or apply emergency braking.

3.    Monitoring Blind Spot: One of the most common causes of accidents occurs when cars change lanes on multi-lane freeways or highways. These accidents occur while a car travels at a higher speed and can become much more dangerous than a fender bender. Blind-spot monitoring can provide drivers with an alert that there is a vehicle in the driver’s blind spot.

If you consider getting a new vehicle, it is in your best interest to find a car that will help keep you safe. These top safety features can help keep you out of the hospital and on the road. Have you been injured in an accident? Contact the personal injury lawyers at One Law Group in Beverly Hills for more information.

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