Handling Rideshare Accidents with an Attorney

Handling Rideshare Accidents with an Attorney

Handling Rideshare Accidents with an Attorney

Ridesharing vehicles like Lyft and Uber have become the new way to get around town. For many, these services simplify commuting and make getting where you need much more effortless. As their popularity increases, so does the risk of a ridesharing vehicle accident. And because these cases are unique, you must have a basic understanding of how insurance policies work for these types of accidents.

When a Driver is Liable

Of course, you should do all the typical post-accident actions, including exchanging contact information, getting witness statements, getting medical attention if needed, and taking photographs of the crash scene and damage. There are also a few insurance-related things to be aware of involving rideshare drivers. Drivers employed by a rideshare service must use their insurance to cover any accidents or injuries. Though, Uber and Lyft have broad insurance policies that provide coverage in case of these situations arise.

When a Rideshare Company May Be Liable

Rideshare drivers can use their company’s insurance policy only if an accident occurs after accepting a trip or waiting to pick up a customer. While Uber may provide additional compensation, the rideshare driver’s insurance covers most of the cost. Also, those employed by these rideshare companies can use their company’s policy, but only if a crash occurs while carrying a passenger, in which case both the driver and passenger are covered. The policy would also cover any affected third parties, like pedestrians or motorcyclists.

How An Attorney Can Help You

Ridesharing has become a large part of today’s commuter culture. And understanding the different policies involved can be hard to do without the help of an experienced attorney. By hiring an experienced car accident attorney from One Law Group, you will have someone evaluating your options and making the process easier. Contact our Beverly Hills office today to get started on your case.

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