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New State Budget Proposal Includes Biking and Walkway Upgrades

In a recent article published by the California Bicycle Coalition, plans for improved walkways, bikeways, and other public transit options seem to be in California’s future. In her article “Governor’s Transportation Vision Includes Boosts for Walking, Biking, & Transit,” Linda Khamoushian, a writer for calbike.org, explains how “The Active Transportation Program (ATP)–the state’s dedicated source of funding for walking, bicycling, and Safe Routes to School projects–is slated to receive an additional $100 million per year from Cap-and-Trade proceeds in the proposal, with at least half to be invested in projects in communities where they are most needed” (calbike.org, 2017). For those that ride their bikes often or enjoy a nice walk through the city, this is great news. To read more about the details of the 2017-18 State Budget proposal, click on the following link: http://www.calbike.org/governor_s_transportation_vision_includes_boosts_for_walking_biking_transit. Ten Bicycle Laws to Keep in Mind Bicyclists Must Follow the Vehicle Code Ride with Traffic Ride on The Right Side of the Road Use Bike Lanes Yield to Pedestrians Stop At, Not In, the Crosswalk Ride with Lights and Reflectors At Night Wear a Helmet One Ear Not Covered No Tall Bikes on Roadways One key law for vehicle drivers – the California Three Feet...

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