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Can I File a Personal Injury Claim Against an Amusement Park?

Going to an amusement park or theme park can be great fun for the entire family. The rides, the shows, and the games are all exciting and create some fond memories. However, as in any location with tons of equipment and large crowds, there is always the risk of injury. In fact, hundreds of parkgoers are injured every year. Who is responsible when a guest is injured? Depending on the situation, the company that owns the park could be held liable for premises liability if a person is injured. Premises liability is the term used for a set of laws that may or may not determine the liable part for injuries sustained on a property or in a building. Premises liability, in this case, also includes general activities in the park, all rides, and the general condition of the amusement park. Additionally, premises liability would apply to most injuries that occur on the amusement park’s property, which includes the parking lot, all sub-lots, and buildings, but not all injuries would be covered based on how the injury occurred. It is important to your case not to take upon yourself to decide if the injury could have been prevented. Instead, leave that to...

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