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Personal Injury at Sporting Events

Going to a sporting event can be an exciting experience for people new to the sport and for those who are avid fans. Despite your fan status and knowledge of the sport, everybody is equally at risk of personal injury when attending a sporting event, regardless of the injury being caused by the stadium or by another fan. Being injured is no fun but getting injured at a sporting event is even worse. Although attending events for some sports has the assumption of risk, there is little risk of injury in the public areas of the stadium where fans are allowed such as in the walkways, in the bathrooms, and even on the stairs. An injury can happen in all of the public areas of a stadium. An assumption of risk is when a person can assume injury is possible by just attending the game. For example, a person can assume that there is a high possibility that they can get injured by objects that fly from the field to the stands such as baseballs and parts of a bat. In fact, there is text on the back of all tickets that explains such information and acts a “waiver of liability”...

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Risk of Injury at Sporting Events

Going to a sporting event can be a great time. Whether it is a baseball game, hockey game, basketball game, or any other type of sporting event, time at the game can be enjoyable for the whole family. Still, there is always a risk of injury at any sporting event. Baseball has a higher risk of injury thank any other sport because objects often leave the field of play and enter the spectator area. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, approximately 1,750 spectators are injured every year by baseballs that venture into the crowd during professional baseball games. Hockey pucks, soccer balls, basketballs, and footballs go into the crowd a lot less. However, during basketball games, it’s mostly the players that can injure a spectator. Have you ever seen a player fly into the stands chasing a ball? Imagine a 6- or 7-foot, 250-pound man falling on top of you unexpectedly because he was trying to save the ball from going out of bounds. Well, it happens, and people can be injured. This injury falls under assumption of risk in a personal injury case. If you were injured at a stadium because of a slip and fall or by an object...

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